French Drain Systems 
(Underground Water)

A French Drain System is used to redirect underground water away from an structure/area. French Drains are primarily used to prevent underground water from penetrating and damaging crawl spaces/buildings/foundations. It also prevents expansion and contraction of soils; which is the common cause of structure movement and settlement.

Surface Drainage Systems
(Roof & Surface Water)

Surface & Roof Water Drainage Systems collect water primarily during a rainfall event. This system allows to keep the water away from the house/ buildings. This particular system collects water from plant area surface drains, patios, driveways and all roof water from downspouts.

Irrigation, Low Voltage Lights & Landscaping

We are landscape contractors (C-27) that specialize in Drainage; but we also do low voltage landscaping systems, irrigation systems installation including service, and erosion control.



H20 Water Services was established in Santa Barbara in 2000 by Juan Carlos Mallmann, President and active general manager of the company. We have worked hard to develop an excellent reputation in the local community. We carry full insurance of both general liability and worker's compensation, with a policy of one million dollars for your protection. 

We install Drainage Systems & Waterproofing, both commercial and residential. The majority of our business focuses on protecting homes/ buildings from water intrusion, this includes surface & underground water drainage issues.Our crews have years of experience in the installation of French Drains, Surface Drain systems & Waterproofing of stem walls & footings.

Drainage around the house should be the first thing you do before mold remediation.

We have crews available 24 hours a day for emergency calls during the rainy season.

We pay close attention to detail and focus on moving in and moving out with a low impact for the home owners; and make sure that everything looks the same as we found it or better upon job completion.

I'm sure you will find H20 Water Services is a well-established company with an excellent customer financial history.




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